I was skeptical at first but after taking NerveReverse for over a year is the best thing that has ever happen for my neuropathy pain in my feet. I confidently recommend this to everyone. I’ve told everyone I know about this product and I personally have 100% confidence that it will help with your neuropathy symptoms and it won’t make you drowsy like the prescription your taking from your doctor nor is there any narcotic to become habit forming. NerveReverse is a bunch of vitamins. You have to give it time and you have to take it as suggested. You’ll wake up one day realizing the your neuropathy symptoms have greatly diminished and become bearable. In my opinion it’s worth trying. But know it isn’t an overnight fix you must take it for a while, everyday for it to work. I sound like a salesman, sorry about that. I just have total confidence with NerveReverse and recommend this to everyone. It’s totally worth it.

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