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Bulk Pricing Discounts

Add a significant Revenue Stream to Your Practice. Purchase products in bulk quantities (minimum 12 units) to sell in your office. You would be responsible for storing and selling the product. Free life Labs provides all marketing materials/brochures/samples to display and hand out. This option provides the most revenue and generally has better outcomes due to the accessibility of the products.

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Drop Ship Program

No Space to Store Inventory? No problem. Offer our products to your patients without storing them in your office. Free Life Labs will provide you with marketing materials, samples, and a practice code. Your patients will give us this code in order to get free shipping on their order. The product(s) will be shipped directly to the patient. This option works great for practices that don't have space for inventory or have a large patient population that live far away from the office.

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Patient Discount

Offer Great Products at the Best Price. Refer patients and offer them a 25% discount on our products. We will provide your office with brochures, samples, and a discount code that your patients will give us for their 25% discount + Free Shipping.

Physician Testimonials

Saves my patients money

Excellent product that works at a lower cost than its competitors

Neal Zomback, DPM

Works Great for my patients

I use it on my patients with neuropathy and it works great.

Milos Tomich, DPM

Better than MetanX

NerveReverse has been a “life saver” for many of my patients.  It really sells itself.  I have noticed less pain, and paresthesias.  The patients I have on it have felt a significant improvement in their discomfort.  I highly recommend the use of nerve reverse.  My experience is that it is as good or better than Metanx for diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

J. Randal Young, DPM

Data shows measurable improvements in patient’s neuropathy

Our experience thus far with nerve reverse has been positive.  We have a large patient population with diabetic neuropathy, many of which have suffered with complications due to the neuropathy including wounds, infections and amputations.  Our patients have been eager to try the Nerve Reverse supplements as part of their fight against their neuropathy and it’s complications.  We have been tracking the level of peripheral neuropathy each patient has with a sudoscan exam and we are noticing improved scores with patients using Nerve Reverse.  We are also noting patients reporting less neuropathic pain and numbness.  Moreover, our patients have largely switched from Metanx to Nerve Reverse because of cost and ease of access in our clinic.  I would recommend Nerve Reverse to patients and physicians looking for ways to increase nerve health and combat neuropathy.

Dan Preece, DPM
Salt Lake Podiatry

Switched All Our Patients to This and the Results Have Been Great

“We are so pleased with the NerveReverse product!  Initially, in our office we used a different nerve supplement, but upon switching to NerveReverse our patients have seen tremendous improvement.  We recommend this to all our patients suffering from slightly painful to debilitating nerve conditions.  What a helpful supplement to easily improve their quality of life!”

Dr. Daniel Huff, DPM

Good feedback from my patients

I get good feedback from my patients about NerveReverse.

Martin Sloan, DPM

Works Well for my patients.

I am using NerveReverse in my podiatry practice and it works well.

Mitchell Needleman, DPM

My patients love the NerveReverse Cream.

I wanted to give you some feedback about the Nerve Reverse cream.  I find it to be a very effective product and I am very happy with the product.  I have prescribed it to patients and the feedback has been very positive.   The patients not only say that it is effective and helps almost immediately, but that it also lasts the longest of any topical that they have tried.   It is easy to apply and is not greasy or too thick.   Overall, patients are very happy with how it helps their foot and ankle pain, but also nerve related pain.
Karen Leonard, DPM
Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central PA

Patient’s sensation improved after switching to NerveReverse

I had a patient who was taking the Bako CTS product “NeuRx” for over a year with marked improvement but then plateaued. I saw him 2-3 weeks after switching to Nerve Reverse and he reported that he noticed additional improvement in his sensation.
Jeffrey Carlson, DPM

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All of our products have a money-back guarantee. If they don't improve your patient's condition, then we will refund any amounts paid.

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