Derm 42 Skin Care w/ Free Pumice Stone and Brush

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Derm 42 is the innovative solution for repairing dry, cracked, and rough skin.  Specially formulated with clinically-proven ingredients that remove dead skin and create a barrier of protection to lock in moisture.  This keeps your skin healthy and prevents worsening cracks and openings in your feet.  This paraben-free solution uses unrefined mango and shea butters along with maximum strength urea.  Fragrance-free.

This 4 oz. jar also includes a free pumice stone and brush for exfoliating dead skin.

Active Ingredient: Maximum Strength 42% Urea

Instructions for Use:

Use on clean, dry skin. Best applied to affected areas immediately after showering and just before bedtime.  Use the included pumice stone and brush to carefully remove dead skin.


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