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5 Clinically-Proven Ingredients to Improve Nail Health

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Do Your Nails Look Like This?

Bio-5 has 5 Proven Ingredients to Improve Nail Strength and Appearance

Biotin promotes cell growth and aids in building amino acids that are necessary for nail growth.  A small study found that 91% of participants who took 2.5mg of Biotin per day for 6 weeks-5 months had less brittle nails and improved appearance.

Vitamin A is important in the production of keratin, which is the protein building block of nail and skin health.  This keeps your nails healthy, strong, and resistant to cracking.

Vitamin C is essential for nail strength and collagen formation.  Healthy collagen formation helps to form the shape of your nails and prevent hangnails.  Low levels of Vitamin C can also cause weak and brittle nails.  Vitamin C also helps with Iron absorption so you get the most benefit from your Iron.

Red Blood Cells need adequate levels of Iron to carry oxygen to your cells, including nail cells. Low Levels of Iron can cause vertical ridges in your nails or cause them to curve.

Inadequate levels of Zinc can cause a breakdown in the nail plate, which may create white spots on your nails.  A daily supply of Zinc is needed for the fast production process of the nail formation.

If you don't have healthier nails in 60 days or less, we will refund your money.

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