Bio-5 Nail, Skin, and Hair Formula – 60 Day Supply

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Once a day vitamin supplement packed with ingredients to help improve brittle, cracked, and damaged nails.  Designed to strengthen keratin (protein found in nails), Bio-5 will give you healthier, stronger nails, hair, and skin.


5 Ingredients for Healthy Nails, Skin, and Hair

  • 1500mcg Vitamin A – Important for the production of keratin, which builds strong, healthy nails to prevent cracking.
  • 80mg Vitamin C – Essential for collagen formation which helps to form the shape of your nails and prevent those pesky hangnails.  Low levels can also cause weak and brittle nails.  Vitamin C will also help with Iron Absorption.
  • 5000mcg Biotin – Water Soluble B Vitamin(B7) that acts as a coenzyme in producing a healthy keratin matrix which is necessary for nail growth.
  • 10mg Iron – Red blood cells need adequate levels of Iron to carry oxygen to your cells, including nail cells.  Low levels of Iron may cause vertical ridges in your nails or cause them to curve.
  • 10mg Zinc – Inadequate levels of Zinc can cause a breakdown in the nail plate, which may create white spots on your nails.  An adequate supply of zinc is needed for the fast production process of nail formation.


If you use Bio-5 for at least 60 days and don’t notice any improvement in your nail health, we will refund your order.  Guaranteed to work in 60 days or less!

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